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  • We are not financial advisors.
  • This content is not financial advice.
  • Seek independent advice if necessary.
  • Presented information may not be up to date.
  • Do your own due diligence and use your best judgment before you trade.
  • Trading in Forex is risky.
  • Trading in Forex may not be suitable for all investors.
  • Do not invest more than you can afford to lose.
  • Do not listen to anyone without doing your own research first.
  • We reserve the right to change our trading algorithms at any time.
  • Be sure you fully understand the risks before trading.

Performance of Services

The Company maintains a strong commitment to transparency especially with the performance statistics of our services. We continually modify the method in which we review percentage gains to enable individuals to clearly understand risk, loss of capital, variances, and drawdown periods. We have the following policies in place regarding performance statistics of our trade research: Each trade including date entered, exited, price and symbol since inception is published for members to review. We have implemented live accounts for all our trade services and use these live accounts to post performance. If we publish performance statistics for a particular period, we issue this information uniformly to our member base who may refer to this information when speaking about our services. Our members are prohibited from posting claims, performance statistics or any reference to profit that has not been specifically issued by the Company. We discourage members from sharing their personal trade histories however we maintain no jurisdiction in this regard and ultimately a user of our services may share their personal experience with whomever they want.

All performance includes our basic disclaimers:

  • Past performance is not indicative of future results
  • Individual trade results will vary
  • Commissions are not reflected in trade performance
  • Trading involves risk including the risk of losing part, all or more of the initial monies invested
  • Trade results will vary from account to account
  • Both gains and losses will be experienced by users of the services and each member must define and act within their personal risk tolerance

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